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Beyond Pokemon Go: the state of Augmented Reality today

It went viral. Anyone I know tried it, the world phenomenon Pokemon Go, that brought to the front of the stage augmented reality and the experiences we can create with it.
However, little do people know that Pokemon Go isn't really using the full power of augmented reality. To the last update that I know of, the Niantic app just displays 3D pokemons on top of whatever your camera records, without really analyzing the space around you.
If Pokemon Go was really augmenting your reality, I doubt your Drowzee would dance in the middle of the street. Augmented reality involves more computer vision: recognition of images, objects, spatial mapping, etc. It definitely has to know that a bus is coming, otherwise it doesn't feel real, and you can't call it augmented reality anymore.
During my internship at R/GA, I had the chance to study and test some of the AR technologies out there. Your choice, when it comes to what kind of technology you should use, will ultimately depends on what y…