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Student life: 3 years at King’s College London

I’m approaching the end of my third year as a computer science student at King’s College, and even though I won’t be graduating this year because the integrated master is allowing me one more year, it still feels like the end of a cycle. A perfect time to lay down some thoughts about those three years.
Having been in three different universities before, I believe I have enough background for comparison and have enough experience to avoid main first year traps like “Everything is awesome” or “Balancing studies and social life is way too difficult”. So let’s jump right into what I think: how am I feeling when thinking of those past three years? The answer is a disappointing meh.

Satisfaction: linearly decreasing It didn’t start this way though. I was pretty happy with my first year. But here is the thing: I’m actually starting to believe that first years get a much more enjoyable experience than any other year.
During my first year, we were mostly assigned to a lecture hall with tables. Th…